One-off Deep Cleaning

One-off Deep Cleaning London

A thorough general cleaning of your home, company, office or premises should be carried out regularly to maintain excellent hygiene.

Why arrange a thorough cleaning? This is a service that is designed to restore cleanliness and hygiene to areas that have remained uncleaned for a long period of time. These areas accumulate large amounts of dirt and require special treatment; it quickly becomes apparent that regular, daily cleaning techniques are not effective.

Deep cleaning is the most thorough cleaning available for any space. Nothing can hide from our expert cleaners.

During a deep clean of a room, for example, we move all the furniture to clean under and around it, ensuring we can get to all those places that are hard to reach during a regular clean.

How does our deep cleaning service work? Our service is entirely flexible: you simply tell us what you require, we give you a quote for the areas you need cleaned, and then we take care of the rest.

We will bring premium cleaning products that are used by Prolim for all our professional cleaning, and use all the tools and equipment necessary to guarantee the best possible results. We are a team of cleaning professionals dedicated to getting rid of all accumulated dirt.

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