Carpet and Upholstery


Deep cleaning of fitted and loose carpets around your home, office or premises, leaving them free of germs and unpleasant odours, with disinfection and protection for a long life and longlasting cleanliness.

With our guaranteed service your carpets are in the best hands.

We carry out general or specific cleaning, using the right equipment and qualified personnel, meaning that we can clean even the dirtiest of carpets.

We also offer a pickup service for loose rugs, allowing us to clean them using our specialised facilities, guaranteeing that they will regain colour and softness.

The carpet washing procedure consists of deep vacuuming, a prewash and a rinse to remove stains and accumulated dirt. This is done with a suction injection machine and then a special brush washing machine that uses a high action shampoo that cleans and softens the fabric without causing damage to your carpet. Guaranteed! We use non-abrasive chemicals so as not to damage the texture or colour of the carpet.

The final stage is to use an industrial suction machine to remove the water, which allows us to dry your carpet in a maximum of 3 to 4 hours.

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